atelier mara dominioni

Delivery all over the word

I work with the carrier WES, expert in the delivery of works of art all over the world.

Tailor-made quote according to the country of delivery outside France

Fiscal advantages

My works give rise to tax deductions if they are exhibited in a free place accessible to the public or to employees for 5 years

Secure payments

Secure online payments by credit card or bank transfer.

Hello and welcome to my site for the presentation and sale of my works (sculptures, paintings, drawings and workshops)

Here are some introductory words about my art

I love Art more than anything to the point of having left my family and my work in architecture 30 years ago. Since then, I live from sculpture and painting. I sculpt life in all its sensitivity, I draw constantly to refine my gaze. I feed on books and exhibitions to deepen my knowledge.

Through this site I invite you to enter my universe. I offer you my works: paintings, drawings, sculptures and also my masterclasses, fruit of my passion and my search for excellence. I hope you will be sensitive to it and that you will find something to satisfy your need for Art.

The purchase of a work is a way to meet... I am delighted with this exchange which I hope we will have soon

Enjoy the visit…

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