Without Art our mind is impoverished. Art is, and will always be essential to our social and cultural evolution.

Organizing training starts from this certainty for me: Without Art our World will not allow us to remain in personal balance.

I have been sculpting, drawing and painting for 30 years,  I have learned to look for this source of "Beauty" in each discipline. It has become necessary for me to share these experiences to help you acquire the techniques or to evolve in your personal development.

workshop Moncontour October 2022

In these painting and drawing courses as in the "Master classes" in sculpture, I offer you an immersion and guide you with my experienced eye to deepen your way of looking at the subject and to detect all the subtleties.

The sculpture classes take place in a good level of concentration to bring out peace and the sharing of knowledge. I help you to "visit" the history of Art through books from all periods in order to reflect on your own sensitivity. Everything contributes to your development, modeling, the evolution of techniques, plaster, bronze and marble, tools are all part of it.

For the drawing and the watercolors I proceed in the same way inviting you to observe in a peaceful climate  guiding you with my own observations and remarks. Step by step we decipher the environment, the shapes, the colors, the nuances, the tools to bring out your artistic fiber.

The French, German, English and Italian languages ​​that I speak fluently allow me to guide you according to your origins.

Do not hesitate to join me in these magnificent environments of Brittany, Dinan and Moncontour where I give most of my training in painting, drawing and sculpture.