Presentation of the artist

I am an Italian artist who has lived and worked in France for over 16 years.

With my experience of more than 25 years in sculpture (bronze, marble, earth and plaster), I move forward, inspired by the daily life that I immerse myself in. Thus my unconscious pushes me to create sculptures that I am not looking for but which are already in me and are revealed by the power of my love of staging and painting.


I observe a lot, I draw just as much, the eye always awake. I celebrate movement and gesture in each of my works.

“I would like my Art to be medicine for the soul” Mara Dominioni

Open to the world, I was able to practice:

In the Nederlands

I studied at the Wackers Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam for two years.

I return to Amsterdam after my six-year stay in the United States, and will stay there for 3 years to work and develop my sculpture.

There I had the opportunity to win the Kees Verkade Cultuurprijs Zandvoort 700, a portrait of a period character, the village crier, which is now at the Zandvoort museum and welcomes you at the entrance.

In the USA

I  graduated from The New World School of the Arts in Miami. Then I continued to sculpt on my own becoming my own teacher, I researched, read and I experimented.

I won the 4th place at the George Gach US National Sculpture Competition, 12 sculptors create a figure from a model for a week.

And, I also won the competition for the Millenium Gift Sculpture for Royal Caribbean International, of which 15,000 signed copies have been distributed worldwide.

Carrara Italy

Here for two years I work and train myself, taking the opportunity to translate some of my creations into marble.

In Switzerland

Before embarking on sculpture and during my studies in architecture and 6 years of professional activity in interior architecture firms, I took lessons from the Hungarian painter Laszlo Schwalm.

I will exhibit there on several occasions, including the major exhibition in 2007 at the Terrasse, in Zurich with Bindella Galleria SA where I present no less than 40 bronzes.

Much of my work is in the Bindella Family collection.


I just made an exhibition this summer during the opening of Gallery10 in Berlin

In France

I have worked for 16 years in Châteaugiron, Brittany where I have been able to exhibit in multiple places. I have been represented in the Gallery Saint Sauveur in Dinan, Audrey Marty in Saint-Malo and La Loggia Dell'Arte in Dinard.