New sculpture studio : follow the construction in images and find out how to participate in its funding

Originale Allégresse Printanière

Sculptress since 30 years, my project is to build my new workshop in Brittany. Indeed, my current workshop is located 70 km from my new place of residence. For practical and ecological reasons  it has become essential to bring my creative space closer to my living space.

In this section you will discover step by step the progress of the project over the months.

Those who wish to support this project can purchase one of my works directly on the site, place a special order or make a tax-free donation. I will present in detail the possible rewards based on your contribution.

How to help to finance my project

1. By purchasing one of my works

You will find numerous creations (sculptures, paintings, drawings) at different prices directly on this online store. Each sale will allow me to self-finance the construction. Possible delivery to your home (price depending on destination and object).

Any order for a custom work is welcome.

2. I will put my skills at your service

  • For 50 €
    30 minutes of telephone artistic advice
    Take advantage of my personalized advice to advance your own artistic project (painting, drawing, sculpture)
  • For 100 €
    1 hour of telephone artistic advice
    Benefit from an hour of artistic 
  • For 200 €
    During one of my work-shops, benefit from my teaching with 30 years of experience.
  • Participation in a 2-day work-shop or 2-hour private lessons

  • For 500 €
    Your charcoal portrait
    Enjoy a 30x40 charcoal portrait of you, a loved one or your pet

  • For 1000 €
    Watercolor 30x40
    Enjoy a personalized 30x40 watercolor painting
  • For 2500 €
    A terra cotta bust
    Based on pictures

3. You can make a donation

Thanks to all my current and futur donators

Follow the construction in images

November 2023 : Demolition and groundworks, bedrock and maconnery 

Originale Allégresse Printanière
Originale Allégresse Printanière
Originale Allégresse Printanière