Sacha K

Sacha K

Belle-Île-en-Mer, the Kempf Family invites me to sculpt the portraits of their two children, Sacha and Erwan, which I will execute at their place.

Every day the two brothers follow each other for a two hours of session one in the morning and one in the afternoon. So in one week time I managed to do both portraits. The mold was made on site since raw clay is not transportable.

The wax cast was done in my workshop and  taken to the foundry for a bronze cast.

I try to capture the personality of each one, here this 11 year old boy, with his angel head shows that he would have preferred to be at the beach playing. It takes a lot of effort for children to pose and not all are comfortable in an artistic process. But we always manage to find a way to keep them holding the time necessary.

Cast at the foundry of: Le Floch

Height: _____39 cm________

h39 cm
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