7,499.53 €

Copy No.: 2/9

Cast at the foundry of: Le Floch and Atelier 80 (Netherlands)

This piece only exists in two copies (one of which has already been sold), there is no longer a mold and it will not be remade. This therefore makes it an exceptional and rare piece since there will always only be two copies.

One-piece with wooden base.

I’ve  created this sculpture to represent the sunrise lived with languor. Slowly awakening we remain suspended in our dream.

This suspension in the void imposes a lightness and at the same time a physical power. However, it remains aerial and in a movement that brings softness.

Height: ____46 cm_________

Width: ____55cm_________

Depth: _____46 cm________

h46 x w55 x d46 cm
30 kg
Year of completion
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